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Grapes, Strawberries, Corn

Finest Quality Fruits and Vegetables Produced in the Kofu Basin

Yamanashi Prefecture is known as the “Kingdom of Fruit.” A wide variety of fruits are produced in the prefecture’s different regions, which have many pick-your-own farms where you can enjoy picking fresh fruit in every season.

In particular, Yamanashi boasts Japan’s largest grape harvest. Grape production within the prefecture is said to have started around 1,300 years ago, and vineyards can be found throughout Kofu. More than 10 varieties, including kyoho, pione, shine muscat, kaiji, and rosario bianco, are cultivated across the city. During the harvest season from July to around November visitors can enjoy all-you-can-eat grape picking.

Strawberry farming is also popular Kofu. An area in the south of the city called Omagaricho is the largest strawberry-producing region in Yamanashi. Visitors can enjoy picking strawberries from January to May. Many people enjoy being able to taste and compare different sweet and juicy varieties including akihime, sachinoka, beni hoppe, asuka ruby, and momo ichigo.

Not only fruits, Yamanashi’s exceptional vegetables are also too good to miss. Kimihime sweet corn grown in the Nakamichi area of Kufu in particular is known for having such an intense sweetness that it can be eaten raw. Cultivated from early on in this area, it is a remarkable product with nothing quite like it anywhere else. "Mille Feuille" is a very rare variety of sweet corn with large, bi-color white and yellow kernels that have high sugar content.

Tasty and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables grown in Kofu’s fertile farmland are sure to revive your body and mind.

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Kofu samurai Wi-Fi spot

Wi-Fi can be used free of charge near facilities in Kofu displaying a "KOFU SAMURAI Wi-Fi" logo sticker.

"KOFU SAMURAI Wi-Fi" logo sticker.

Usage Restrictions

  • 60 minutes/session (Number of times unlimited)
  • Available in five languages (connectional announcement displays)

See the Kofu Map for the locations of KOFU SAMURAI Wi-Fi Spots.

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