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Hoto & Ozara

Hoto and Ozara, Two Lip-smacking Foods that Typify Local Cuisine in Yamanashi

Hoto is a local dish handed down through the ages in Yamanashi. It was created through the wisdom and ingenuity of Yamanashi’s predecessors living in a mountainous region where it is difficult to grow crops. Wheat cultivation spread throughout the region in place of rice farming, which is unsuited to the area, and the people made noodles out of the harvested wheat. The noodles were stewed together with seasonal vegetables in the same pot and flavored with miso. That is said to be the origin of Hoto.

Hoto noodles are cut and boiled as soon as they are made. The freshly made noodles give thickness to the broth that, when mixed with miso, creates Hoto’s unique and delicious flavor. Made with plenty of nutritious vegetables including squash, Chinese cabbage, and burdock root, Hoto is known and loved locally as a healthy food. In 2007, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries included Hoto among its selection of the top 100 local foods in rural districts across Japan.

Incidentally, there are various theories as to the origin of the dish’s name. One says that the name comes from the word Hoto meaning “treasured sword,” because Lord Takeda Shingen once cut ingredients for it with his own sword. The Takeda forces are said to have actually used Hoto as a camp food on the field of battle to restore the energy and spirits of the soldiers, as it gradually warms the body.

Ozara, on the other hand, is a favorite noodle dish in the summer. Another local food, it is characterized by thick noodles somewhere between those used in Hoto and those used in mainstream iced noodle dishes. Dip some cold, springy noodles into the warm ozara dipping sauce and you will eat heartily even when appetites tend to fall in the summertime.

Why not come and satisfy your stomach and mind with the great taste of traditional Yamanashi cuisine?

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