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Kofu Tori Motsuni (chicken giblets stewed in a salty-sweet sauce)

A Dish that Kofu Natives Cannot Live Without

Kofu tori motsuni is local fare in Kofu that ranks alongside dishes such as hoto and nigai (boiled abalone). It is a local specialty made of stewed chicken giblets such as gizzard, heart, liver, and kinkan (eggs before laid), each of which has its own texture and taste. The key to the dish’s flavor is a salty-sweet caramelized sauce made by reducing sugar and soy sauce over high heat. Kofu tori motsuni is brought to perfection by enclosing fresh chicken giblets in this sauce in a short time, condensing its rich taste.

Kofu tori motsuni originated around 1950, not long after World War Two. It is said that the owner of a soba (buckwheat noodles) restaurant in Kofu came up with the recipe, thinking that it was a waste to throw away chicken giblets. The flavor took firm hold of taste buds in Kofu, and the dish quickly spread to surrounding shops. Before long, it had become a staple throughout the city. It is a traditional flavor born of the wisdom and ingenuity of our predecessors who wanted to eat inexpensive yet delicious food in an environment where there were limited ingredients.

Kofu tori motsuni is still popular as a side dish to accompany alcohol and as the main item in set meals at soba restaurants in the city. Tori motsu don, in which Kofu tori motsuni is served on a bowl of rice with boiled bamboo shoots and/or shiitake mushrooms, is also delicious. Each restaurant has built on the original recipe to offer their own unique version of Kofu tori motsuni. It would be fun to compare the flavors at different shops. At the very least, it is a dish to try once to get to know the local cuisine.

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