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Side Streets (Kofu Ekimae Chochin Yokocho and Kofu Food Village)

Experience the Real Taste of Kofu on Back Alleys and Side Streets

Kofu has a number of back alleys and side streets that still retain vestiges of Showa period Japan (1926 – 1989). Many of them developed around the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and are narrow lanes crowded with old-fashioned eating and drinking establishments. At nighttime, these little side streets lit with the nostalgic glow of red lanterns called aka chochin still come alive as places where locals get together to socialize.

Kofu Ekimae Chochin Yokocho (Lantern Lane Off the Front of Kofu Station) has a rich atmosphere created by rows of shops run by shopkeepers with highly individual characters. The great variety of establishments, ranging from izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) serving dishes made with local Yamanashi ingredients to bars where you can enjoy a drink with music, will put you in the mood for bar-hopping.

In May 2015, Kofu Food Village (Kofu Gurume Yokocho) was established in a building situated in a corner of the shopping district. Housing a collection of 16 restaurants serving a wide assortment of foods including yakitori (grilled chicken), gibier (wild game), and sashimi (raw fish), Kofu Food Village is gaining attention as a spot that fuses Kofu’s side street culture with the latest culinary trends. With a long lineup of choice local sakes and wines, including Koshu wines and boutique sakes made with brand-name spring water, Kofu Food Village has a reputation as a place to enjoy all that Yamanashi food culture has to offer.

For some Japanese the words back alley and side street evoke an image of places regarded as the sanctuary of regular customers, making first-time customers nervous to enter. Recently, however, young customers and tourists have started to visit these places, where they are increasingly seen having fun socializing with the locals. Drop into an atmospheric bar and have a drink with the colorful barkeeper and regulars, for that is sure leave you with a fond memory of your trip etched deeply in your mind.

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Wi-Fi can be used free of charge near facilities in Kofu displaying a "KOFU SAMURAI Wi-Fi" logo sticker.

"KOFU SAMURAI Wi-Fi" logo sticker.

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