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Kofu no Akashi Certification (Foods Category)

The Kofu no Akashi Brand Certified by the City of Kofu

Kofu has given rise to a variety of cultural manifestations over its 500-year-long history. Fine products that the city is proud to share with the nation and the world have been created in many fields including cuisine, industry, and traditional crafts. Begun in 2013, Kofu no Akashi is a program to certify indigenous products produced with technologies cultivated out of Kofu’s local character and climate as Kofu Brand products.

The program has three categories as genres of items with the power to show off the appeal of Kofu: foods; crafts; and agricultural and forest products. The city gives its seal of approval in the form of a certification mark to exceptional products in each category.

The first product certified in the foods category was Kimihime Daifuku. Daifuku is a rice cake normally stuffed with a sweet red bean paste. In this product, the bean paste has been replaced with a paste made from the Kimihime brand of corn harvested in Kofu. Kimihime corn has a maximum sugar content of 19 degrees Brix, which is nearly the same as that of grapes. Drawing on this sweetness, the natural flavor of Kimihime corn softly fills your mouth when you take a bite of Kimihime Daifuku.

So far, only four products, including Kimihime Daifuku, have been certified in the foods category. These are Shunka Roll, which is a roll cake made with plenty of Kimihime corn, peach, and nashi (Asian pear); processed goods (smoked chicken, jerky, sausage, and flan) made from Kofu Jidori, free-range chickens raised in the midst of Kofu’s rich natural environment; and Budoya Kofu Raisin Sandwiches, which include six types of raisin sandwiches, including those made with Kofu-grown Delaware grapes and red wine cream. Why not bring some of these fine Kofu foods home with you as souvenirs?

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"KOFU SAMURAI Wi-Fi" logo sticker.

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