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Koshu Inden (Lacquered Deer Leather)

The Beauty of Koshu Inden Created Using a Four-century-old Technique

Inden is a handicraft in which patterns are applied to tanned leather using dyes and lacquer. In the past, it was used to decorate the battle costumes, including the armor and helmets, of warriors. Its beautiful ornamentation is highly regarded. Koshu Inden, which is made with a unique technique handed down since the Edo Period (1603 – 1868), is designated as a traditional local handicraft and enjoys enduring popularity.

The distinctive features of Koshu Inden come from a special technique for adorning soft and light deer leather with artistic patterns in lacquer. As the construction is durable, the longer you use Koshu Inden products, the better it they will come to fit your hands. The diverse patterns used include cherry blossoms, irises, and wave crests, and the products made nowadays include shoulder bags, handbags, and more. Moreover, in 2014 the Koshu Inden leatherworking technique was incorporated into bags made and sold in collaboration with a global brand, attracting much attention.

These days, many tourists buy Koshu Inden products as souvenirs, but in the past they were used as everyday items rooted in the lives of the local people. It is said that their use spread widely especially after production bases were set up toward the end of the Edo Period throughout the area that is now the city of Kofu. It seems that the technique was a favorite back then for bags such as purses and drawstring pouches.

Koshu Inden is the crystallization of techniques handed down by artisans in an unbroken tradition for centuries. They could be described as valuable masterpieces to be used for a lifetime.

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