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Koshu Oyako Daruma (Daruma Dolls with a Parent and Child Motif)

Koshu Oyako Daruma Dolls to Pray for the Growth of Children

Koshu-style Daruma dolls are made using a technique handed down by a monk from Kyoto over 400 years ago. One theory holds that the oblong eyes, prominent, sculpted nose, and distinctive expression were modeled after Takeda Shingen.

One kind of Koshu Daruma, the Koshu Oyako Daruma, has a unique shape that sets it apart from other Daruma dolls: it depicts a large “parent” Daruma with a “child” Daruma on the belly. Also, whereas Daruma dolls are usually red, the parent and child one is white. The sericultural industry thrived in Yamanashi during the Edo Period (1603 – 1868), giving rise to the custom of praying to white Daruma dolls, the same color as the silkworm cocoons, to wish for a good harvest. The Oyako Daruma is said to be a derivation of that tradition.

The people back then are said to have prayed respectfully to these Oyako Daruma dolls, wishing for the safety of their families and the perpetuation of their descendants. The custom died out at some point but was revived in 1967. Today, a single craftsman living in Kofu keeps the torch of the tradition alive.

If you look closely at the different expressions of the parent and child, you can see that the child Daruma has a more splendid beard than the parent does. This represents parents’ wish that their children will become better people than they are. Also, the eyes of the child are painted to look straight ahead out of the wish that children will head straight toward their future goals. Koshu Oyako Daruma dolls symbolize the love parents have for their children. Friends and family with a newborn baby or little children are sure to be delighted with one as a gift.

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